What is LIVES

LIVES is an educational software platform that delivers voice-based mobile learning to the users anytime anywhere at any pace over the telephone network (PSTN and the cellular network). LIVES is capable of tracking the learners' progress and performance for both individual and community assessment. The learners do not need to install any client software.

LIVES comprises two major components:

  1. LMS (Learning Management System) which effectively and seamlessly delivers voice-based educational material over the telephone network to multiple users anytime anywhere. This component deals with communication, load balancing and security.
  2. LCMS (Learning Content Management System) that allows easy-to-use management of the learning contents. This component deals with file system and Graphical User Interface to upload & download audio files, to allow structuring and reusing of existing contents, and management of student profiles and progress.


Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2012, LIVESMOBILE is a startup spinned-off from the University of British Columbia. The mission of LIVESMOBILE has always been in the application of proven m-learning technologies such as LIVES to improve quality of life. Currently, LIVESMOBILE focuses in the following application areas:

  • Mobile Learning with the following current applications:
    • Parenting Guide
    • English Learning
    • Material for the Farmers
  • Reminder and Announcement Systems:
    • Medical Office Appointment System, helping medical office remind their patients
    • Election Campaigns, helping politician candidate reaching their supporters and sponsors
    • Emergency Alerts

Sir John Daniel describes LIVES (Learning Through Interactive Voice Educational System) in this 3-minute video presented at the First UNESCO Mobile Learning Week (12-16 December 2011), held in Paris, France.

Changing lives through LIVES from Commonwealth of Learning on Vimeo.